Adam Foot

iOS Developer

Shift Keyboard

Full Keyboard for Apple Watch

Featured on 9to5MacCult of MacAppAdviceTechRadar &

Feature Phone

T9 Retro Keyboard for Apple Watch


Learner Progress Tracker for Driving Instructors


Medical ID for Apple Watch


Lock Screen Medical ID


iCloud Powered Universal Clipboard


Tool for Developers to Test Haptic Feedback


Personalised Advent Calendar


Medical ID for Allergy Sufferers

Featured on BBC News, Anaphylaxis Campaign & Swindon Advertiser


Medical Emergency Alarm


All in One Medical ID

About Me

I'm an iOS developer from Swindon, UK currently working full time as an iOS & macOS Developer at an ASO & Paid Search agency. In my free time, I also create my own apps which are available to download on the App Store. Primarily I develop for iOS but I also create apps for watchOS, macOS, tvOS and (occasionally) Android.

I’ve been creating iOS apps since 2015 using the Swift programming language which was great fun to learn - and still is! Released in 2016, AllergyMe was my first app and very personal to me; I created it with the aim of adding a better medical ID to iPhone and Apple Watch for allergy sufferers like myself. This was featured by local newspapers/sites and BBC News channel.

My love for programming stems from learning Python at secondary school which was also when I started creating apps. I progressed onto studying IT & Software Development at college and went straight into a job at 18.

Over the years, my library of apps has grown with my most well-known being Shift Keyboard which was featured by a number of big news outlets that cover tech news specifically.

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