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Feature Phone is the perfect keyboard companion for your Apple Watch and iPhone!

Developed by the creator of Shift Keyboard for Apple Watch, Feature Phone allows you to easily type out messages using a classic T9 style keyboard. This makes typing messages on an Apple Watch a breeze!

Feature Phone provides a full A to Z keyboard in a small amount of screen space so it's easy and efficient to type out messages from your wrist or on your phone.

Accessing the Feature Phone app from your Apple Watch is easy, simply add the Complication to your Watch Face and you'll be able to jump right in and start sending messages.

Once you've typed out a message, just tap Send!

The Apple Watch app also supports calling phone numbers - type in a phone number and tap Call to get started.

The Feature Phone iOS app is easy to add. Just head to the Settings app to add it. Once added, you'll be able to use the keyboard throughout apps on your iOS device.

Full instructions for adding the keyboard or installing the Apple Watch app can be found inside the iOS app.

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