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Haptics provides developers with a quick and easy way to see what the different haptic feedbacks are like on supported iPhone & Apple Watch models.

On iPhone, simply select one of the following: Impact, Selection or Notification and you'll be shown the ways in which you can configure them.

Impact: You can customise the intensity from 0% to 100% and select a style from: Default, Heavy, Light, Medium, Rigid or Soft.

Selection: This is just a simple click so no customisation necessary.

Notification: Choose from three different styles: Error, Success or Warning.

Once you have configured how you want the haptic to play, tap Generate at the bottom and your iPhone's Taptic Engine will vibrate under the constraints set.

The companion Apple Watch app has even more haptic feedback choices for you to choose from, just without the customisation. They are: Notification, Direction Up, Direction Down, Success, Failure, Retry, Start, Stop or Click.

Selecting one of the Apple Watch haptics will result in it playing on your wrist.

Haptics is really handy for developers looking to add a bit of haptic feedback into their app, or just anyone wanting to play around with the iPhone or Apple Watch Taptic Engine!

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