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The Instructor app provides driving instructors & students in the UK with a simple and easy-to-use interface for tracking driving progress in lessons.

Driving instructors can login or sign up to the Instructor app to start tracking learner progress in a wide variety of key areas. Students can then see what topics they need to work on to get them test ready. The following areas are those that are included in the app:

- Show Me Tell Me
- Mock Test
- Legal Responsibilities
- Cockpit & Controls
- Safety Checks
- Moving, Meeting & Stopping
- Anticipation, Planning & Speed
- Crossings, Signs & Markings
- Junctions
- Roundabouts
- Dual Carriageways
- Country Roads
- Town/City Centre
- Manoeuvres
- Controlled Stop
- Independent Driving
- Other Conditions
- Environmental Issues
- Passengers, Loads & Security

Each of these areas include many more sub-categories to really see what students can do to improve. Driving instructors also have the ability to input upcoming lesson plans for students, useful resources (websites, apps etc.) and other notes for the pupil to view straight from their dashboard.

When instructors add a new student to the app, they are assigned a unique ID which allows them to access their progress from their own device. The data shown is exactly the same as what the instructor can see but in a read-only format. For students who don’t have the app installed, driving instructors can easily email progress to them which breaks down all of the progress in an easy-to-read format.

The Instructor app gives driving instructors and students alike with a simple interface for viewing progress, seeing upcoming lesson plans and accessing resources to help students pass their practical driving test first time!

Following an initial trial with a driving instructor at RED, the app is now available on the App Store for all UK driving instructors to access.

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