Instructor Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions
Instructor License In-App Purchase

The Instructor app offers a lifetime subscription in-app purchase for driving instructors. This is a one-off payment that is completed during the registration process for driving instructors. Users only need to make this purchase once to gain access to an account that can be used across iOS and Android. This purchase will subsequently be charged to your account with valid payment method.

Students using the app do not need to make any purchase and are instead given access through a unique code, known as Instructor ID, by their driving instructor.

Privacy Policy
What Data Is Collected?

When signing up, driving instructors are asked to enter their name, company, email address and phone number. Students do not enter information - driving instructors will enter a student's name when creating their account. If you'd prefer not to share this information, you can put a "-", however doing so could result in a poorer user experience for students.

How Is This Data Used?

This data helps to provide a personalised experience for driving instructors and students. Students needing to contact you can simply go to the My Instructor page to get access to quick actions that allow them to call, text or email you. This is so that students can easily get in contact with you to arrange new lessons or even recommend you to their friends.

How Is The Data Stored?

All data is stored online in a secure location on Google servers through Firebase. Only I, the developer, have access to this database which is only accessed in the event of an Instructor ID code being lost and to review analytics.

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