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Instructor App

The Instructor app provides driving instructors with the ability to not only track their students progress using an easy to use and simple interface but, share this information with their students at home with ease.

Simply purchase the license in-app purchase upon launching the application and you will have access to a number of categories to track how well your students are doing. Then, get your students to download the app on their phone, give them their unique ID and the information will be updated and sent to their device when you update it on yours!

Students who don't have the app installed can also receive their progress via email which contains the same information as to what they'd be able to view in the app.

After trialling this with my own driving instructor at RED, I have decided to make this widely available to all UK driving instructors. This app can benefit any driving instructor who wants something simple but intuitive to use with their students so that they are able to pass their test by being able to see what they need to work on before each lesson.

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